Salsa: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q . How long does it take to learn to Salsa?

A . That is a good question and it really depends on how far you want to go with it, you should be able to pick up the basics and be confident enough to dance with a partner in about 6 weeks, but this can depend on how many times a week you practice and how quick you pick up the steps. The longer you go to classes then the more proficient you will become, Salsa can become addictive and you’ll never stop learning.

Q . I have never danced before will I be able to pick it up?

A . Yes, most people make excuses for not being able to dance such as, ‘I’ve got two left feet’, and ‘I don’t do dancing’. But everyone has the ability to learn how to dance, it’s like learning to walk or riding a bike, it is a skill that you learn through having a go. If you take it one step at a time, and actually get up and do it, you can learn to do any step in any dance and even look good doing it.

Q . Do I have to attend classes or can I just learn at home?

A . You don’t have to attend classes and you can just learn at home, but the fun of Salsa is in meeting people and enjoying the social side of it as well, which you don’t get if you just learn at home. I would recommend that you join a Salsa group where you can practice your dancing with different partners.

Q . I don’t have a partner can I still learn to Salsa?

A . Yes, you can learn a great deal without a partner, in fact using the Step-by-Step guide will help you understand and learn the steps that will then allow you to feel confident enough to dance with a partner.

Q . Do I have to wear special clothes or shoes?

A . No. but you need to be practical in your choice of attire and footwear, when you first start normal shoes or trainers for the gentlemen and flats or heels for the ladies are acceptable. But once you reach a certain level, proper dance shoes make all the difference, they are made to be light weight, flexible, yet supporting enough for balance and control of movement. As far as clothing goes people tend to wear whatever they feel comfortable in and does depend on the dress code of the club or venue you are dancing in.

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